Driven to help Medical Professionals be at their very best, to help people

become their very best.

Engineering 4 Life, a new Michigan based bio-medical company, offers services to aid in pre-surgical planning and surgical guides utilizing patient specific data via MRI, CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound imaging. Engineering 4 Life consists of a group of biomedical engineers, designers, project managers, consultants and technicians with over 20 years combined experience. Their goal is to bring, life, warmth and compassion into a field that typically is not intentionally focused on these qualities. They are driven to help Medical Professionals be at their very best, help people become their very best and provide complete medical engineering partnerships with the clients they work with.


By using CT, MRI, Ultrasound and X-ray technology combined with best CAE practices and medical planning, Engineering 4 Life brings much needed services and a refreshing, vital mission to the bio-medical industry.


Services include:

Patient specific solutions: 3D conversions and models from scan images, surgical planning, simulations and models, surgical guides, device design and engineering assistance, bench top testing models, medical illustration and analysis.


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